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What We Do

Meetings, lectures & panel debates

We especially rejoice in providing students of teaching with a platform for sharing diverse opinions and networking. As future teachers, we focus on issues that are essential for us. That is also why we held discussion events such as “Graduate teacher - ready for the classroom?” or “Student as a pupil, or a colleague?”.

It is no dispute that we do love a challenge and never hesitate to invite highly respected personas from the field to visit the Czech Republic and hold exceptional lectures in the heart of our alma-mater, the Charles University. Recently, we were delighted to welcome professors Michael Sandel (Harvard University, USA) or Dieter Hehl (Mainz University, Germany).

Movie screenings & author readings

We love movies and from organising movie nights with exceptional guests, we simply come out as naturals.
Thematic documents, old Czech classics or Nordic drama? Anyone as enthusiastic as ourselves will find their fit.
We also highly appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with Dr. Petr Koura, thanks to whom the faculty had already held a great deal of movie events, such as a commented series of České století (The Czech Century) by Robert Sedláček, a series of long forgotten Czech historical movie treasures and Lost in Munich by Petr Zelenka or The Teacher by Jan Hřebejk, both provided with a commentary by the authors themselves.

What also truly owns a place in our hearts, is a fine book read by its own author.
Having invited many reputable authors, we have yet never forgotten about the works of the very students, who are always welcome to present their own pieces.

We bring life into the faculty halls!

Mornings are hell. That is why we organise breakfasts where you can either talk the morning struggle out while meeting new people, or sit and eat in silence surrounded by your lovely teachers-to-be schoolmates. Moreover, we transform some of the lecture halls into yoga gyms once a week and other times throw parties and pub quizzes. We even let the dark side summon the corridors one time when Dart Vader suspiciously appeared offering people free cookies. The Baby Jesus also visited us to rescue your childhood dreams and leave you a present and someone who really cares about your mental health (who could that be ;) ) covered the uni’s pillars with bubble wraps.


We really want to broaden our horizons and offer the students opportunities for professional development outside of study programs. Thanks to one of our biggest partners, Člověk v tísni - Jeden svět na školách (People in Need - One World at Schools project), workshops that we facilitate will help you with your studies.

You will be able to deepen knowledge in your field and and discover the best options of further self-education.

Public-awareness events

Charity run for the APLA foundation
Charity bazaars for the LYMFOM HELP foundation
The International day of the fight against AIDS
Workshop #prsakoule (#boobsandballs) with Loono
Collaboration in child sponsorship

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