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The Student Society Agora

The year was 2013 and a bunch of enthusiasts has put their heads together and came up with an idea for a students‘ club. Ever since, we want to breath a fresh air on the hallways of the faculty - through employing some new ideas and being conducive to students and lecturers meeting even outside the seminars.


Who Are We


Alma mater: Faculty of Education, Charles University
Setting: Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy & Department of History and History Didactics

We love when our faculty’s alive – whether it’s through a debate, a screening, a workshop, or a fierce laser-tag battle, we don’t really mind. The cooperation definitely broadens our horizons, so we sometimes seek help of other clubs or institutions. We want everyone to be able to choose from the events we hold – we have something for passionate readers, movie binge-watchers, keen historians… and mainly for teachers-to-be.


Our Philosophy


We are a team
We are accepting new challenges
We are enthusiastic
We don't just study


Contact us

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Studentský spolek Agora z.s.

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